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Second Screen Live – Little Mermaid leads the way

Under normal circumstances, one would not find the Little Mermaid covered here but we live in interesting times. Disney’s announcement on selected theatres featuring live second screen experiences ¬†for the Little Mermaid may be an important sign: The next generation audiences cannot live without their second screens and companies will have to change the way we have engaged and attended to their content completely. Well done to Disney for recognising it. I consider this is the way entertainment both in the home and in cinema will move in the future – can’t wait for the Star Wars experience of this. Please, please convert my iPhone into an iSaber so I can have pretend duels in the cinema alley!

All I can say is this is a very welcome change to what Kevin Bacon constantly keeps instructing us not to do. Pick up that phone and tablet, turn on the wifi (keep the ringer off) and sync it with the movie! I have no difficulty seeing that this can become part of the enhanced TV experience: allowing audiences to engage, purchase and share all at the same time. Quite what it does to our already diminishing attention span, I hate to wonder (plus, I get distracted. :-))

See the promo video Disney shared on YouTube:


I am sure this will invite a varied response, especially from parents. What do you think? Will this take off in Cinemas for wider audiences?