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Neat tagging: Edible smart tags to fight fake pills

The next generation of the IoT will digitize smaller, cheaper things that are generally high volume and low cost but important nonetheless. Whether they are pharmaceuticals, electronic components, industrial parts or food, these are things that travel through global commerce in quantities of billions but to which it would be too expensive or impractical to add a sensor.

Instead, these items will be given a data tag similar to a barcode or a QR code – the square grids often used on physical objects like packages and magazine ads that act as a bridge to the digital world when scanned with a smartphone. However, it isn’t practical to add a traditional printed barcode to things like gears, pills and circuit boards, so advanced materials, such as plant DNA or nano-scale  symbols, will be used as markers, allowing for almost invisible tagging.

Edible smart tags to fight fake pills | Forum:Blog | The World Economic Forum.

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