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The Raspberry Pi Becomes a Form Factor

Raspberry Pi rises as its own form factor.


Despite the cries for updated hardware, the Raspberry Pi foundation has been playing it cool. They’re committed to getting the most out of their engineering investment, and the current board design for the Raspi doesn’t support more than 512Mb of memory, anyway.

What you see above isn’t a Raspberry Pi, though. It’s the Carrier-one from SolidRun. All loaded out, it has a system-on-module with a quad core ARM Cortex-A9, 2GB of RAM, 1000 Mbps Ethernet, USB host ports, eSATA, and LVDS display connector, a real time clock, and everything else you get with a Raspberry Pi, header pins included. It’s all the awesomesauce of the newer ARM boards that will still work with all your Raspberry Pi hardware.

If you’re thinking this is a product announcement, though, think again. The folks at SolidRun are merely using this Raspberry Pi form factor board as a prototyping and development platform for

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Building a blinky infinity mirror

Want for the Connected Living Room! Well, More for the hall way leading to it.


This infinity mirror prototype is small enough to test out the theory before committing to the full project. And the full project that [Kevin] and [Edward] have in mind is a huge infinity portal that they will showcase at this year’s Alchemy festival.

It’s called an infinity mirror because it has the illusion of being much deeper than the physical enclosure. The trick is accomplished by placing two mirrors parallel to each other with a light source in between. One of the mirrors is two-way, letting a portion of the light pass through to the viewer rather than reflecting it.

The video demo of the prototype shows that it’s just a 2×4 wooden frame which holds both mirrors. In between is an LED string. The nice thing about the prototype is that adding a bit of tempered glass on top will make it an infinity bar top for the Hackerspace.

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Mobile Applications and Marketing | Social Media Today

Interesting facts here about mobile platforms – mobile certainly would play a pivotal role within the connected livingroom in the coming years. It can be the first gateway device connecting many of the home, car, office ecosystems and the space ‘in-between’.

There are 6.8 Billion People on the planet, 4 billion use a mobile phone and only 3.5 billion of them use a toothbrush. That’s right; more people use a mobile phone than a toothbrush.

91% of adults have their mobile phone at their fingertips 24/7. Eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom and in the bedroom. We can have access to people more often on mobile.

25% of Americans ONLY use mobile devices to access the internet. How many people are you missing by not being mobile friendly?

There are 5x as many cell phones in the world as there are PCs

82% of US Adults own a cellphone.

90% of mobile searches lead to an action; over 50% lead to a purchase.

70% of mobile searches lead to action within 1 hour.

74% of smartphone users use their phone to help with shopping and 79% of them ultimately end up buying.

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