The Connected Living Room is a real time portfolio of the thoughts -in-progress on the latest devices and services that are making our sofa-sitting hours smarter.

Bee Thakore is an engineer and enterpreneur. Bee is fascinated by the future of the connected home and particularly that of interactive TV, gaming, embedded devices, home automation. Bee is not involved in any of the companies she writes about here. Bee has headed technology product development and marketing for element14 until recently and is a big fan of latest device developments from independent design houses.

She has recently published articles about emerging technologies in Semiconductors and Sensors in New Electronics, EP&Dee, Convertronic and was editor of Technology First Journal.

If you have a product or device you are excited about, please drop Bee a line to feature it here and share it with the world. Bee also offers in-depth product reviews on beta models, launch advice for your product prototype or device tear downs.


What do you think about this? Drop me a line!

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