Review: Leap Motion Controller | MIT Technology Review

Leap Motion Controller

MIT Tech Review plays with the Leap Motion Controller and unfortunate puns of ‘not leaping for joy’ are their verdict. However, Gesture control technology would enable a much easier, intuitive and gratifying way of interacting in the connected living room, especially for gaming, next generation video/audio interaction, etc. It seems that Leap needs to cover some further ground before it is going to deliver a seemless, instantly gratifying experience.

As someone who has Carpel Tunnel, I believe they ought to consider how gesture control would work in conjunction with other devices as this was the most worrying of all comments in the review:

“I also noticed something that doesn’t usually happen when using a mouse and keyboard, even though I’m routinely in front of a computer for seven or more hours a day: after an hour or so, my right arm felt really tired, all the way up to my shoulder. Even when I started fresh the next day, making motions as small and precise as I could, it still started to bug me after a while”




Review: Leap Motion Controller | MIT Technology Review.


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